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✓ Unique Monthly Coffee Boxes

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Gems #12: Special Guests – Colombia, El Diviso

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Special Guests from the UK
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For the 12th GEMS edition, we’re teaming up with Paul Ross’ Special Guests project. Paul is a former two-time UK Barista Champion who has worked at many leading British roasters and former Coffeevine partners. In 2022, he set up Special Guests with the aim to offer coffee aficionados and professionals access to the most exclusive and remarkable coffees.

We’ve had Paul on our wish list for a long time and are thrilled that he’s joining us for the upcoming edition of our GEMS, a bi-monthly Coffeevine box that features rare competition level coffees from boutique roasters.

The coffee for this edition is coming from Colombian producers Nestor and Adrian Lasso and Jhoan Vergara who joined forward to set up El Diviso. The Lassos are well known the whole world over for pushing boundaries in specialty coffee and producing many award-winning lots that have been used by countless competitiors over the years.

This coffee was picked and then oxidised for 48 hours in open tanks. Then, the tanks are emptied and any defective beans removed. The cherries are then rinsed with heated water and sprayed with brewers yeast before being sealed and left for 38 hours. Following this, the cherries are mechanically dried for 12 hours before being transferred to plastic bags for two days to stabilise. The final step is another 15 days of drying before they reach the desired moisture content of 10.5 – 11.5%.

Expect an expressive cup with notes of tropical fruit and a juicy sweetness.

Shipping: If you are a Coffeevine subscriber or recently ordered a one-off box, we can include your bag in the upcoming August 2023 shipment. See your inbox for instructions on how to order with a special free shipping coupon. If you are not a Coffeevine subscriber, then your order will ship in the third week of August.

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