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✓ Unique Monthly Coffee Boxes

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The Coffeevine x Studio Remy ceramic cups

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After our hugely successful first ceramic cup capsule launched in late 2022, we’re excited to return with yet another beautiful ceramic cup release, this time in partnership with Studio Remy by Remy Zandbergen from Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

We first saw his work during last year’s Dutch Design Week and immediately fell in love with his style. For The Coffeevine, Remy produced 14 unique ceramic cups that come with different colour combinations. Each cup is shaped like a dodecagon with 12 sides and four additional ridges, which have different colours. Each colour combination is available only once.


Height: 70mm

Width: 90mm

Contents: 200ml

Weight: 173g

The cups are stamped with the Studio Remy and Coffeevine logos and are completely unique.

Additional information

Weight0.173 kg
Dimensions7 × 9 cm



Studio Remy Cup

#1 Blue / Grey, #10 Blue / Light moss green, #11 Dark green / Baby pink, #12 Dark green / Light grey, #13 Dark green / Light moss green, #14 Pink / Tuscany, #2 Light grey / Blue, #3 Pink / Light moss green, #4 Pink / Baby pink, #5 Dark green / Tuscany, #6 Pink beige / grey, #7 Sepia / Light moss green, #8 Blue / Baby pink, #9 Sepia / Grey


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