✓ Unique Monthly Coffee Boxes

✓ Global Tracked Delivery

✓ Chosen By Experts

✓ Unique Monthly Coffee Boxes

✓ Global Tracked Delivery

✓ Chosen By Experts


What is a coffee box?

Our coffee box is a monthly coffee delivery containing between 1 and 6 bags of 250g of freshly roasted whole bean coffee. Each coffee is carefully selected by The Coffeevine before being roasted to order and shipped to Amsterdam where we pack our coffee boxes.

Do you only offer subscriptions?

No, we don’t. You have the choice between our monthly coffee subscriptions, a no-strings-attached one-off box and our gift boxes. In addition, we also offer custom subscriptions for collectives, coffee shops and other businesses who are looking to source larger amounts of coffee. Send us an email via our contact form to find out more.

Every two months, we offer a limited edition special called GEMS, which is offered as a one-off box in our shop and we have a Global coffee roasters box that features two delicious coffees from worldwide roasters every month.

What kind of coffees do you include in your coffee boxes?

We only select the highest quality single-origin coffees from the most exciting roasters. Our roasters are the best in their field and take great pride in their craft. Some buy their coffees directly from the farmers, while others work with renowned green coffee importers who do that extra bit of legwork for them. We don’t offer decaf, robusta coffees or blends at this time.

How do you select your coffees?

We have a tasting panel consisting of professional baristas, roasters and competition judges who join us once a month to blind-taste and rate the large number of coffee samples that we receive. At the end of each cupping session, we pick the best tasting coffees to go into our next box. That way, every roaster gets a fair chance at getting featured and our coffees are chosen purely based on craft, quality and taste.

Sometimes, these cuppings take place in other cities and are then also open to participation from the general public. Keep an eye on our events and Instagram pages for future announcements.

Are the coffees pre-ground?

No. We expressedly do not offer pre-ground coffees in our coffee boxes to ensure that the coffees maintain their maximum freshness and to keep unnecessary waste at a minimum. In addition, our roasters put a great deal of love and thought into their packaging and we celebrate their brands just as much as their coffees, which is another reason why we don’t want to tamper with their bags or repack their coffees into other bags. We do also sell high quality handheld grinders in our shop in case you want to give it a whirl.

How do the subscriptions work?

Our subscriptions are all billed at monthly recurring intervals and we offer a wide range of payment methods including credit card, direct debit and Paypal. There is a 3-month minimum duration period. You can keep the boxes coming for as long as you like and you can sometimes suspend your deliveries if you need to take a short break. Our boxes are always shipped on and around the 20th of every month.

How much does a subscription cost?

We offer different price points for different coffee boxes depending on the number of bags included, the type of box and the duration of the delivery. You can find a complete overview in our shop. Our prices do not include shipping. Shipping costs are added at checkout depending on the location of the buyer and the weight of the shipment.

We work with Postnl and UPS for all of our shipping needs and do not make a profit on these shipping costs. This way we can offer you the best rates.

Collectives and B2B customers get discounts based on the number of bags ordered and shipping is done via UPS. Please contact our sales team via the contact form to find out more.

How easy is it to cancel my subscription?

Very easy. You can cancel anytime after an initial period of three months via your Coffeevine account. If you just want to try our our service first without committing, please select our one-off box.

What shipping options do you offer?

All of our orders are shipped via the Dutch postal service Postnl with carbon-neutral tracked delivery as well as UPS.

We offer global shipping to 55 countries, including most of Europe, North America and some countries in South America, Asia and in the Middle East.

If you live in any other country that is not available as a destination at this moment, please send us a message via the contact form to see what we can do for you.

When do you ship?

For our monthly coffee boxes, we work with a preorder system and ship only once a month, on the 20th (+/- 1 or 2 days) of the month. We do this to make sure our three amazing roasters only have to freshly roast and ship their coffees to us once.

If this isn’t entirely clear, this example should help:
To subscribe in time for our April coffee box you must place your order between the 16th of March and the 15th of April. All orders received within that timeframe ship a few days later, on the 20th of April.
If your order was received on the 16th of April or after, it will count towards our next box, i.e. the May box and so on.

This can also mean that you might get billed twice before your first box arrives. If you have any concerns about your charges, please contact us. We’re always happy to help.

Once a shipment has left our HQ, we will send out separate confirmation and tracking emails. Please make sure you keep an eye on your ‘promotions’ folder as our emails often land there.

My box didn’t arrive! What now?

Our boxes arrive at their destinations in 99% of shipments without any issues. If your box has not been delivered to you within a reasonable time frame, please enter your tracking code on your local postal service’s website first as this will provide you with more information about the possible location of your package should it have been delivered to a local pick up point, for example.

While we strive to deliver our boxes as quickly as possible, we do not give any guarantees for delivery within a certain time frame. The delivery depends on many factors including the speed at which boxes are forwarded to their destinations, how quickly they are processsed by local customs or how fast they can be delivered once they have arrived in the destination city.

It happens every now and again that a box is returned to us for different reasons. If you are a subscriber and your box was returned because you were on holiday or because you didn’t pick it up in time, we can send the contents back free of charge inside your next box.

If you provided an incorrect address, you didn’t claim your box or you bought a one-off box we can only resend it for an incidental shipping fee.

We do not provide refunds for any boxes that are still in transit and we reserve the right to assess each case one by one based on whether the box has been declared lost or arrived damaged. Should this be the case, you can contact us and we’ll find a solution for you.

Shipments via UPS are always handled separately.

Ok great! I received my box but I really don’t like the coffees. What now?

That’s a pity. We take the greatest care to select only the finest and most delicious coffees but of course, coffee is a very subjective product, not unlike wine, chocolate or cheese.  If you really don’t like one of our coffees, why not give it to one of your friends? Sharing is caring!

(For hygiene reasons we absolutely cannot accept returns of opened coffee bags and we don’t offer refunds on opened boxes.)

I’m really not very experienced with the whole coffee-making process. How can I learn to get the most out of my beans?

We regularly post handy brew guides to our blog with recipes of our own and recipes from the three brilliant roasters that we work with.

I love the coffee box. Can I also give this as a gift?

Absolutely! You can just select the gift coffee box option on our coffee box page and really help make someone’s day. Our gift boxes are prepaid for 3, 6 or 12 months and you can add a greeting card to make it more personal and tell your loved one, friend or colleague that it was you who sent it.

Or just keep it a secret and see if the lucky one can work it out for him/herself?

I loved one or more coffees from my box. Where can I get more?

That’s great to hear! The best way to order more coffee is to contact the roaster directly or to purchase more coffee from his / her webshop. This way you can support them directly and give them some love. Our customers and subscribers also get access to exclusive discount codes from our roasters so they can buy more coffee from them. Nice perk, right?

I noticed a change in the subscription cost in April 2023 vs the previous month. How come?

In early March 2023, we announced an upcoming and long overdue price change that reflects the ongoing financial pressures of the increased cost of green coffee, transportation, labour and packaging materials, amongst other things. We put off this increase for as long as possible but are unable to absorb these costs any longer. The increase charges reflect our new pricing policy.

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